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Workshops & Trainings


In our workshops we use Behavioural analysis. It is a potent tool for causing change that lasts. Our psychological methodology tackles deep rooted patterns causing change in thought patterns and mind sets once and for all. As a person takes on the tools, their behaviors start to shift and their lives start falling into place . You can achieve anything that you once thought was impossible to handle.

With over 15 yrs of experience as a Behavioural analyist, and working with company’s and organisations to turn their weaknesses into strengths, Sippy Chadha and her team work closely with organisations to tailor make workshops according to each company’s specific needs.

Example: A chain of retails stores had a problem at every level of personnel. From interns to supervisors, Cashiers to Management and Senior management.

Once an indepth analysis was done to determine what exactly was the problem and on what level was the change required, we made three different workshops to tackle the specific problems. Within a series of trainings and workshops we were able to cause change in their culture of the organization.

There are also Executive Coaching sessions, specifically for CEOs that are burdened with many decisions and deadlines to meet. A 70 min session will highlight many blindspots and where the breakthroughs lie.


“ My session with Sippy left me positively renewed with vigor and enthusiasm to pursue my goals.Using highly effective techniques and tools with a professional, practical and no nonsense approach, she puts you back in your place of power. I can truly say Sippy is highly effective and has cleared my mind to clarity.”

CEO Youth Shift

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