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EXECUTIVE COACHING is a highly effective method of conducting a one on one session with a high performing leader in an organization. Expectations and demands on Ceo’s and management in organizations is at an all time high, today. They must outperform in highly competitive markets, meet targets with deadlines, adapt to fast changing business environment etc. In such a climate, the person is bound to be in stress, overstretched and under constant pressure. Feeling stuck, confused, compounded by employee problems, may all work negatively on the leadership affecting decision making and creative thinking, thus affecting their own performance on a daily basis.

As an Executive coach, our one on one confidential sessions focuses on the individual and what he or she needs to create. With the problem known upfront, we work backwards to unearth where the hidden blind spots lie that are blocking the full thriving context of the individual. We use cutting edge technology from Europe and America to access the psyche of the individual, in a confidential, non-judgemental way that restores clarity and personal powers back to the individual.

With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in our field. We work with companies sponsored coaching sessions as HR has budgets for development of employees and leadership. There are individual sessions and 4 package sessions as well.

Testimonial – Naraya Naserian CEO of Youth Shift Africa.
“My session with Sippy left me positively buzzing with renewed vigor and enthusiasm . Using highly effective tools with professional, practical and a no nonsense approach, she puts you back in place of your power. I have no doubt that my financial investment will return a 100 fold. I can truly say Sippy is highly effective in her sessions.”

Call: +254 724 696 755