The sacred journey


Most of us live in tight conformist boxes where the rules are set by society. Breaking free from the BOX to finding our own unique path is considered dangerous. It’s better to flock together and keep it safe and secure for all. Little self-growth is possible in this realm of ‘Little me’.

Beyond ‘Little me’ is the realm of the ‘Real self’, where our full potential is waiting to be tapped. It’s our inner sanctum that is ever ready to guide us and take us beyond our dreams, creating miracles in our daily lives. It is boundless and wants us to soar. Both ‘little me’ and the ‘real self’ are within us. The difference is one doesn’t want growth and the other only wants our growth. It is what we focus our attention on that plays out in our lives.

There is a deep connection between the two selves. The real self is our original state. ‘Little me’ rests on the real self, covering it. With each experience, our mind gives a meaning, mostly negative. These meanings like “I am not good enough”, “I can’t achieve this”, etc. start clouding our real self. As we grow older, we identify only with the ‘little self’ till life becomes a vicious cycle. How do we stop the vicious cycle and connect with the flow of life again?

The journey from ‘little me’ to my real self is the sacred journey to be made. From chaos, confusion, fear and anxiety to inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, love and joy.

How do we cross over to the real self then?

Turning our awareness inward is the first step – getting present to what’s going on within ourselves. What are the negativities that run my life daily that I am not even aware of? It could be feelings of self-doubt, I am not good enough, fear, confusion, loneliness, stress, etc.

Once we get present to our smallness, we can take actions to get that out of the way. Layer by layer we can peel off our past. With each layer peeled off, we have more freedom to fly towards our dreams. With each past pain dealt with, our outer world starts to shift. Stress, chaos, fear and loneliness give way to abundance, joy, inspiration and enthusiasm.

As a life coach, I am trained in this sacred journey.

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