Reinventing my life to live from greatness.


When something moves us deeply, expands our sense of self and has the ability to shift our perspective, it is considered to be a measure of greatness. This realm of greatness seems to belong to a chosen few. The rest of us seem to live out our lives in an attempt to someday, one day make our mark in the world. Deep down however, we feel that nothing new seems possible, only a life of daily struggle and frustrations.

How is it possible then, that each one of us can reinvent our lives and live into our greatness, achieving stunning success? Why do I still have an inner voice telling me that I was meant to live my dreams, thriving, making a difference, leaving a legacy. It all seems as a possibility, someday far away. Is it really possible to reinvent my life now and live from greatness? Lets begin by opening up the inquiry and seeing what in the space that is holding us back from conquering new frontiers and impacting the world. Such inquiries allow for greater understanding of ourselves and what’s humanly possible, that may not have been fully explored before.

Most of us   see the world as Black or White, true or false, right or wrong etc. We feel safe to establish absolute truths around us. Absolutes keep us sane. Yet our worlds are ever changing . What we are certain about is often wrong. The world outside is constantly separating us from our deepest assurances. We have no power over what’s out there. Nor are we in alignment with what’s playing out in our lives. Our identities are being pushed, nudged and twisted constantly as life unfolds before us. Yet we hang onto our worldviews .

If we were once sure of having found true love, the job that we loved, the perfect mentor and sound financial advisor. In time this scenario changed.Our life shifted from being in the flow to one of frustrations, stress and struggle. When our world starts to disintegrate in our lives, we get unsure of the world around us. What had seemed real and sure seems to slip away from us now. This makes us resigned and cynical about what’s possible for us to achieve in our lives. Our old beliefs get reinforced that stunning success and greatness are meant for the chosen few. The rest of us are meant to live a life of quiet desperation, struggle and mediocrity.

The truth is that there are no iron clad definitions for most of the things we care about in this world. Life, success, family, achievement, consciousness etc are all relative, not absolutes. Where do we begin, where do we end, how far can we evolve, what’s real and what can be reinvented? All are possibilities up for each one of us to define for ourselves.

The good news is that “ Reality” as we know it, can be reinvented by each and everyone of us. Anything’s possible for us to have in our lives .The world, out there, does not have a say, we as human being have the say. So what does it take to reinvent ourselves? When we are ready to step outside of what we already know is possible and are ready to embrace a new way of being. All possibilities arise from this new place of listening. It’s in our BEING and not in our actions, that we get to set up our new game in life.

How do we get to be in the “Being” of reinventing ourselves?

Being is a stance I take, a place I believe in. It starts by declaring in words or in writing down what my goal is .It must be intensional. It must inspire me and come from a core value of who I. I must resonate with it, for it to manifest. Clarity preceeds mastery. Therefore be clear of your dream goal. The clearer it is, the faster the manifestation.

Once I have declared my dream goal, the listening for my goal rests in the universe. From here, a  whole new set of events get triggered into the universe. The universe   then co-create with me to achieve my dream goals.

My old beliefs and filters still exist, yet I am are no longer defined by them. I have created a brand new stand for myself. From this new stance, a whole new creation springs forth and literally brings into existence new possibilities that weren’t present before.

The next powerful step to reinventing myself would be to step into the gap, the unknown. Take a leap of faith forward towards my next step, without knowing what the outcome is. Being in the gap requires me to be bold, trusting the invisible forces in the universe to co-create your success.

Taking actions consistent with my dream goals brings forth new possibilites. Actions are a catalyst to cross over from a life of struggle and frustration to a life of flow, where anything’s possible. I am no longer defined by my past.

In this paradigm, my dreams come calling to me. I live from enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, flow and inspire others as I go along living fom my full self expression.

Sippy is a life coach in Nairobi.





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