Going beyond your inner critic…


“THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO THIS!!!” As I write my first blog post, my inner critic is shouting out loud and clear, right in my ears. Listening to it, I feel as though I am coming out of the closet; to be seen. Not sure I can do this…

Does this sound familiar? Can you remember a time that you were really excited about a new project in your life… Till a loud and clear voice told you… “ You can never achieve that, don’t even bother trying.” It was so real that you had no choice but to believe it. Self-doubt set in, and from there on what seemed like an exciting possibility turned into a battleground.

If life’s a struggle right now, PAUSE and get aware of what your inner critic is telling you. It will be one clear negative statement directed solely at you. Most of us are unaware of this voice, yet our lives are a struggle because we listen only to it. That’s the contradiction we find ourselves in.

How do we overcome this and cross over to the other side? The other side where we are in the flow of life and miracles happen to achieve our dream goals?

Inside each one of us resides our REAL SELF. The only purpose of our REAL SELF is for us to soar beyond our dreams. It’s our biggest champion – the exact opposite of our inner critic. To have access to our real self, we need to create space and solitude for it to reveal itself to us. All the answers lie within our REAL SELF.

Instincts, emotions, inspiration, imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, gut feel, all come from this REAL SELF. The rule here is that we have to turn inward and connect with it, in order to get the guidance from it. The more you develop the practice to quiet yourself and listen, the easier it will get. Once you learn to act on this inner wisdom and disregard the critic, you will have crossed over to creating the flow in your life where life will dance at your feet as your collaborator.

I am a life coach and trained in getting you in touch with your real self. info@sippychadha.com

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