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How many times have you wondered, how come only very few people scale to great heights and are highly successful in their lives? How come only a few leave a mark in the world, and most of us struggle through life hoping that one day, some day we will get to live our dreams goals. Sadly, that day never seems to come. We keep plugging along creating the same patterns of struggle, anxiety and stress for ourselves.


While only a few are redefining boundaries and achieving greatness, the majority of us are living lives of quiet desperation. Most of us are not even conscious of our blind spots and that we are living a life of mediocrity and quiet desperation.


What are these extraordinary human beings doing differently from us, that are getting them ground breaking success? What sets the leaders, high achievers and highly successful people apart from the rest of us? For each and every human being, the way our world occurs to us is unique. How we experience life, the meaning we give our lives is different for each one of us, depending on our individual circumstances. For example, a set of twins born from the same mother and father, at the same time in the same city, will grow up having two different life experiences.


As the twins grow up and experience their reality, each one will give a different meaning to their lives, depending on how they see their occurring world around them unfold. If, for example, one twin was left alone in the room every Sunday, while the family sat out in the garden having fun, that twin alone in the room will make it mean that her family has deserted her and she is not worthy of being included in the family affairs.

This particular incident gets stored as a fact in the twin’s sub-conscious mind and will shape her for the rest of her life. The belief that she is not worthy of her family’s love begins to shape her, as she grows up. Yet she isn’t conscious of it. This belief becomes her blind spot. It limits her sense of self. All her actions embody this limiting belief. This then becomes her context of being.

Our context is the stance we take as a way of being. Not physically. Our stance determines how are world unfolds around us and not the other way around. The meanings we give our life’s as we grow up, tend to shape us fundamentally so. Each and every human being has a different context. And hence for each individual, life will unfold differently.

For example, the second twin, if left in the same room by herself while the family was out having fun, could have made it mean that I am alone for now, but shortly my family will be coming for me. Hence, that same incident does not become a limiting belief for this twin.

In order to know what our context is, we simply need to look at how our world is occurring for us. What patterns show up daily for us? Ease, inspired, enthusiastic, flow or stressed, anxious, struggling etc. It may be a mixed bag for some of us. Once we are aware of our context, the good news is, we can always shift it and create new ways of being for ourselves.

How do we create a context that has us play big and live out our dream goals? By distinguishing what are our disempowering beliefs , which are essentially our blind spots. These blind spots hinder us from playing big. By paying attention to what we hold as gospel truth to recognizing that these are only my limited beliefs, I can start to cross over to a brand new way of life. I am not good enough, I fear success, I can’t trust, I must be in control all the time are some of the core beliefs that limit us.

They ways of being were formed at a particular low time in our lives and no longer serve us. In fact what’s in the way, is the way. To conquer new frontiers we need to have limitless beliefs and be boundless. This new context will open up a whole new world for you.

It starts by making a commitment to see where our blind spots lie. “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Aristotle.

Once you have identified, your disempowering beliefs that are stopping you from playing big and achieving your dreams, it will take courage and boldness to step out of your current context of being that is so cushy and cosy.

High achievers, leaders and highly successful people set their eyes on larger horizons to conquer. They have a strong belief first of all in themselves that they can achieve their goals. They belief that they deserve to receive the abundance from the universe, they trust life and are bold and courageous. They are unstoppable in the face of NO. They think win, win.

To create a brand new context for your life where the past holds no constraints over your present is where the magic of life begins. Be clear as to what your dream goals are. Identify what’s the limiting belief in the way and step into a brand new way of being, taking actions consistent with your dream goals. Take that leap of faith towards your dream goals and a whole new golden path will open up for you, to take you onto to the next level of your game.


Sippy Chadha is a life coach in Nairobi.


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